Promotional Paper Clips


The LetterClip promotional printed paperclip from Clippa Clips.

LetterClips - Promotional Promotional Paper Clips

This popular model and timeless design is very a cost effective marketing tool.

Companies devote a great deal of time to their image and the LetterClip: Business Promotional printed paper clip is the finishing touch to all correspondence.


NoteClip, branding printable sensational metal paperclips

NoteClips - Promotional Promotional Paper Clips

The NoteClip is unique. It is the only custom promotional printed paper clip that is printed on both sides. Its ergonomic shape and double-sided imprint give it a high eye-catching value.


Bespoke printable unique promotional metal paper clip.

MemoClips - Promotional Promotional Paper Clips

The MemoClip is the most exclusive promotional paperclip items on the market. Its large print surface and different models make this a unique promotional gift item product.


ImageClip : – Newly Designed Promotional Paper clip

The ImageClips are unique to Clippa Clips. It is the only promotional printed paper clip that have these 3 distinctive shapes. Its ergonomic shape and imprint gives a highly attractive look to any document.


The LogoClip adds a valuable extra dimension; your own company name or logo.

LogoClips - Promotional Promotional Paper Clips

The light material with embossed company name or logo gives documents and business correspondence the required finishing touch.

Not only can the LogoClip display your logo, it can also be supplied in 2 colours:  gold and silver. A LogoClip can also be supplied in your own company colour.


CustomClip, branded imprinted stainless steel paperclips from

Custom Clips - Promotional Promotional Paper Clips

CustomClip, is a bespoke promotional printed paper clip whose shape is cut to your design.

Fashioned from quality sprung stainless steel, cut to your design and imprinted with your logo, slogan or product branding. This unique custom made promotional paperclip will stand out from the rest as an exquisite marketing tool adding a touch of class to any document, mailer or proposal that you fit it to.