Custom Promotional PaperClips – CustomClip

CustomClip, branded imprinted stainless steel paperclips from are value for money and durable stainless steel promotional article – an ideal promotional product deployed for cost-effective corporate giveaways and high volume marketing mailers.

This bespoke imprinted stainless steel paper clips are another innovative incredible promotional product made in Europe by Custom clips are made to order, these clips can be personalised both; with a high resolution imprint and cut to shape from strung stainless steel.

CustomClip, is a bespoke promotional printed paper clip whose shape is cut to your design. Fashioned from quality sprung stainless steel, cut to your design and imprinted with your logo, slogan or product branding. This unique custom made promotional paperclip will stand out from the rest as an exquisite marketing tool adding a touch of class to any document, mailer or proposal that you fit it to.

“it is the little things that count! ”


Promotional article Feature

logo printable stainless steel paperclips are ideal to display a bespoke or business name in colour and style. Affordable marketing with a touch of class is simply accomplished by appending a image printable stainless steel paperclip to outgoing notes and business correspondence.

Low Cost Marketing Mailers –

The ideal promotional product: ‘Feather light’ and flat in quality metal, branded imprinted stainless steel paperclips are not only postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible.

For a Longer Lasting Impressions

with the branded imprinted metal paperclips Range… Your name, custom and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as CustomClip are rarely thrown away! This is a tremendous way to ensure business contacts and customers are constantly reminded of your company.

Printed with a log, product name or catchword, logo printable stainless steel paperclips can play an very conspicuous role with introductions and cost effective promotions.