Promotional Paperclips – MemoClip

memoclip, promotional printed paper clip, Branded paperclipsBespoke printable unique promotional metal paper clip


The MemoClip is the most exclusive promotional paperclip items on the market. Its large print surface and different models make this a unique promotional gift item product.

8 standard models

Eight models with which you can create your own distinguishing design. The possibilities are therefore endless. With the 8 different models, you can draw attention not only to your logo but also to your product promotional custom printed item.

Own model

Besides the 8 standard models, we can also supply your own customized MemoClip!

More information about custom made MemoClip a promotional custom printed item.

Means of Communication

Each and every MemoClip is an effective means of communication offering a range of possibilities. Distinguishing and colourful: these clips attract attention. Whatever you wish to communicate, your message will be seen by your business contacts. And the clip’s striking appearance will hold that attention as a corporate promotional item.

memoclip, promotional printed paper clip, Branded paperclips


  • √ Minimum order 1,000 clips!
  • √ Large print surface
  • √ Flexible
  • √ Striking


Combined with in-house production, our models offer you flexibility. Whether you require fast delivery, printing advice or the best possible quality, at Metalmaster you are at the right address.

MemoClip, image imprinted metal paperclips from are an affordable and enduring stainless steel promotional article – an ideal promotional item deployed for cost-effective corporate incentive and mass marketing mailers. These personalised imprinted metal paperclips are another innovative novel promotional item made in Europe by

They feature a range of 8 different shapes which should fit most corporate logos, product images, item branding. This is a bespoke type of branded printable metal paperclip available in a variety of shapes and gift packaging options.

memoclip shapes, promotional printed paper clip, Branded paperclips

“it is so good business contacts will keep business-image bespoke imprinted stainless steel paperclips for themselves!”

Promotional product Feature

Personalised imprinted stainless steel paperclips are ideal to display a personalised or corporation name in colour and style. Affordable marketing with a touch of class is simply accomplished by appending a customised printable metal paperclip to outgoing documents and business correspondence.

Low Cost Marketing Mailers –

The ideal promotional merchandise:’Feather light’ and flat in quality stainless steel. Logo imprinted metal paperclips are not only postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible.

For a Longer Lasting Impressions..!

with the MemoClip branded imprinted stainless steel paperclip Range…Your name, custom and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation, MemoClips are rarely thrown away! This is a resplendent way to ensure business contacts and prospective clients are constantly made aware of your corporation.

Printed with a log, item name or motto, personalised imprinted stainless steel paperclips can play an very vital role with introductions and cost effective promotions.